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Weave Barn


Weave Barn Premium Hair Collection

Premium quality hair products; offering single donor, dual donor and limited donor hair weave.  Collections include Diamanto, Platina and Aurum level quality.  Be confident in your purchase and enjoy our premier hair products, each easily identified and sorted with none of the fuss.  Eliminate wasted time reading through fictitious 'A' ratings, we drop the confusion and make it simple for the smart shopper to make an educated purchase.  Using a simple three tier program, Diamanto, Platina and Aurum, our customers can make a quick decisive purchase. Quality hair products you deserve at amazing prices you can’t afford to pass on.  Say bye to misleading hair quality rankings and hello to simple pricing for the smart shopper.  Be confident in your purchase & enjoy our premier hair products.  No matter your choice, our products are sure to provide you with the look & confidence you desire at a cost you are comfortable with.

Diamanto: Diamond Collection

Diamanto, Latin for Diamond, is our premier single donor product
Platina: Platinum Collection
Platina, Latin for Platinum, is our premium dual donor product
Aurum: Gold Collection
Aurum, Latin for Gold, is our high quality limited donor product


    No matter your choice, our product is sure to provide you with the look and confidence you desire at a cost you are comfortable with.

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